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What’s up with the name KatHouse?

We’re glad you asked. While the name may initially conjure up a semi, less than reputable implication, we did consider the play on words a risk. Searching for what would become the identity of our new agency was not an easy task.

Cats have had a way of finding a home with me, but almost always one at a time. My wife’s life was full of multiple cats, dogs, rabbits and even a pet goat for many years. We are both fans of our four-legged friends in the world, and support animal causes when and where we can.

The heart of our name comes from recently joined households, bringing three cats together under one roof.

Finding a catchy name that isn’t already taken is a challenge, as those of you who’ve gone through the process know. By the third day, and the third 5:30 am call for breakfast, I knew what the new name of my home was going to be. It feels like a natural extension and we hope the wordplay adds a little friskiness to your day!

So, now we can say the cat’s out of the bag!

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